History of the Judge Walsh Tournament

William_L_Walsh Legislature portraitIn 1924, the Honourable Mr. Justice Walsh offered to the Alberta Golf Association a trophy for competition between Provincial senior golfers (50 years of age and older).  The offer was accepted and the first competition took place in 1925.  The Honourable Mr. Justice Walsh, in addition to giving the trophy, also provided prizes for both the low gross and the low net scores at each competition during his lifetime.  The original conditions of the gifts were:

  1. The competition to be open to all men golfers who had reached their fiftieth birthday.
  2. No player could win the Walsh Trophy more than three times.
  3. The Donor reserved the right to:
    1. Adjust the handicap of any player for the purpose of this competition.
    2. Change the conditions of play by making local rules to apply to this competition only.
    3. Increase the minimum age to fifty-five years at his discretion.
  4. Subject to the conditions mentioned above, the rules of golf as approved by the R.C.G.A. would apply.
  5. The yearly competition to be held on a date to be selected by the donor and approved by the Alberta Golf Association at Calgary and Edmonton, alternately, on golf courses provided with grass greens.

The competition has been played every year since the Walsh Trophy was presented.

The donor changed the minimum age limit to fifty-five in 1926 and in that year he appointed Mr. H.  Milton Martin his assistant and delegated to him the powers he had retained in the conditions of the gift.  Subsequently, he limited Mr. Martins authority to the competitions held in Edmonton and gave the same authority to Mr. George Webster M.L.A. at the competitions played in Calgary.  Upon the death of Mr. Webster, he appointed in his stead, Mr. C.W. McMillan.